Buddy Raymond



The following is my bio that was prepared just for this website!

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Buddy Raymond (born Ramon Lozier) is a singer/guitarist born on Staten Island, NY,  February 6th, 1929.   At age 14,

he became interested in learning to play the guitar.  He acquired  a cheap Sears Roebuck  guitar and several instruction books, and with diligent practice, within three years  was playing with a number of the "Dance" bands of that era. By age 18, he was fronting his own trio featuring an unending lineup  of female vocalists. Continued practice and rehearsals with a number of different groups solidified his decision to become a professional musician. 

Playing guitar with a local Staten Island group called "Len Carrie & His KrackerJacks",  the group won the very popular "Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts", ( the 1950's equivilent of todays "American Idol ")  in early 1955,  that opened the door to a Decca Records contract and endless road trips throughout the Eastern Seaboard states, Canada and Puerto Rico. 

In mid 1955, a change in name to the "Gallahads" and a contract with  Capitol Records, in an unsuccessful attempt to get a "hit record," prompted a return to the KrackerJacks. This group then evolved into the  vocal/instrumental/comedy act that Buddy named  the "King Pins." 

In 1957, with appearances on a number of network TV shows, their manager brought the act to the attention of Jack Entratter, Impresario of the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.  After watching the group on the "Paul Winchell/Jerry Mahoney Show," the entertainment director of the Sands offered a six week engagement. The group turned that six weeks into a very successful four months.  The "King Pins" continued to be booked throughout Nevada, California, the Northwest and Canada  into the 1960's. 

In the summer of 1963, in Reno, Nevada, Buddy met a very talented young accordionist named Corky Bennett.  

They began working together and by the beginning of 1964 they decided to form a musical/comedy act they called "Raymond & Bennett."  The talent and experience of  these two musician/entertainers kept the agents busy booking them throughout the  Seattle/Portland area, California, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii .  By 1966, the act was being booked into  Midwest, Chicago, Michigan and Lake of the Ozarks venues.

"Raymond & Bennett" ended in Chicago in late 1970. Buddy stayed in Chicago and formed a "Top 40"  dance group he called "Buddy Raymond & the Changing Times."  There were quite a few  successful years with this fine musical group.

In 1974, Buddy decided to become partners with his exceptional pianist Skip Green, and together they made the decision  to launch "Raymond & Green Orchestras," playing  for weddings and parties throughout the Chicagoland area. 

This move also became a huge success.

And then the decision to relocate to Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.

In 1984, Buddy made the decision to move to Arizona.  Once again, a most fortuitous move.  Performing at some of the top resorts in the area, culminating in a wonderful eight year engagement at the prestigious "Royal Palms Resort" with another outstanding pianist named Ray Herrera.

Now, Buddy has developed a single act, singing and playing guitar to his own pre-recorded background tracks.  He has been performing at a lovey Italian restaurant in Surprise, Arizona (a western suburb of Phoenix) for some time.